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The Popular room in KOREA !!! For your Information!!!
For your information

I’ll give you information about ‘goshion’ room in Korea as follows.
Goshiwon is popular in Korea.
Goshiwon has a lot of nicknames, gositel, oneroomtel, livingtel, residence etc.
Goshiwon is a dormitory type of housing. There are rooms for 1person or Two people and have a shared kitchen, laundry services. Usually in a goshiwon, it is either an individual room with individual TV, bed, wardrobe, drawer, hangers, refrigerator, table(desk), aircon and individual toilet & shower space . or There is 2 person room with shared facilities.
Goshiwon is easily the most popular option as it is very convenient since you only need to pay a monthly rent (300,000 to 600,000won for individual room(usually a month’s rent in advance). You also get access to a common kitchen and meals (Korean food) – rice, ramen, kimchi, toast, egg, coffee, tea- are usually included in the fees.

Different types of goshiwon are available:
Room’s type separates in three; mini room, shower room and one room.
Mini room : a room without shower space and toilet. It is cheapest and users should use public shower space and public toilet.
Shower room : a room with shower space (without toilet) Users should use public toilet.
One room : a room with shower space and toilet. It is the most popular.

And also window type has two.
(a) Window facing corridor
(b) Window facing outside
It will be expensive more for the window facing outside room compared to corridor or rooms with windows

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